We’ve been in this pandemic since March and once the pandemic started I was having plenty of free time, And I need to use that time wisely, So I’ve decided to take the OSWE certification and I finished the exam on 8 of August, after that, I took a couple of weeks to recover from the OSWE exam, then in the med of September, I said you know what? I did not register my name in the Facebook hall of fame for 2020 as I do every year. okay, let’s do it.

I never found a vulnerability on one of Facebook subdomains, and I took a look at some writeups and I saw one writeup in one of Facebook subdomains which got all my attention It was a great write up you can check it out [HTML to PDF converter bug leads to RCE in Facebook server.]


Alaa Abdulridha

Cybersecurity Engineer and #OSWE certified

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